Nem lesz FISE 2018-ban Budapesten


A tavalyi FISE-t megfinanszírozó minisztérium olyan sokáig húzta a válaszadást az idei budapesti állomással kapcsolatban, hogy a Francia szervezők megelégelték a várakozást és lemondták az eseményt.
Hivatalos közlemény ITT:

“FISE is extremely proud to offer the very highest standards to international athletes, media and fans at all our World Series stops.

Despite our very best efforts to secure the necessary technical and financial guarantees we have been left with no choice but to cancel the 4th stage of this year’s World Series in Budapest.

The difficult decision means that the UCI BMX Freestyle Park, UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland and the World Skate Roller Freestyle events that were due to take place in Budapest will no longer go ahead.

We sincerely apologise to everyone involved and anyone who has been affected by this cancellation.

After the successful stop in Edmonton the tour will end in Chengdu, China. This stop will include qualifiers for the BMX Freestyle Park competition at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, ending an incredible season of action sports.”




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